Directory of Nuisance Wild Animal Control & Removal Specialists
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About New York State Nuisance Wildlife Removal

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Have you found Raccoons, Squirrels, or bats nesting in your attic?

Do you hear mice scurrying through your walls?

Are moles, voles, or groundhogs making a mess of your yard?

Have snakes made their home around your home?

Let us connect you with local specialists who can help!

New York State Nuisance Wildlife Removal is a directory for your nuisance wildlife needs. The wildlife control specialists in our directory are trained, licensed, and insured professionals who are focused on humane, government approved trap and release methods and guidelines.

The specialists you find on this website are not pest control technicians who deal with insect control, nor are they animal control who deal with animals like cats and dogs. These technicians deal exclusively with nuisance animals like Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Snakes, Groundhogs, Beavers, Birds, and Bats, among others. But they're also not just trappers, either. They'll work closely with you to provide cost-effective, long-term solutions for your wildlife issues, including repairing animal-damaged areas and offering prevention methods to keep the animals from coming back.

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