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Animal Prevention Services

mole mounds

In addition to repairing openings in your home or business, it might be necessary to take other preventative measures to ensure nuisance animals don't return. Animals like moles, groundhogs, or beavers, for instance, won't actively enter your home, but instead, they can damage your land or potentially expose you to diseases. Moles and groundhogs burrow under the ground, where they eat bugs and worms while turning the soil. This is beneficial for the environment. However, their entrance mounds can be unsightly sores on your property, and their tunnels can traverse under things like sheds or decks, making the structures unsound. Beavers, on the other hand, gnaw through trees to build their dams. This can potentially cause damage to your property, especially if you're close to the water, due to falling trees or debris.

If you're dealing mice, birds, or bats, you might need to consider preventative measure due to how difficult the animals are to control. Mice and bats can squeeze into your home through almost unnoticeable cracks, and birds have a mind of their own!

In these cases, your local technicians will use habitat modification and exclusion methods to prevent wildlife from entering your home, business, or property. Habitat modification relates to identifying and limiting access to food, water, or shelter, whereas exclusion techniques include sealing entry points like windows and chimneys, placing screens over vents, or establishing other barriers like fences to limit intrusions from wildlife. Because of the intelligence and adaptation levels of different nuisance animals, certain techniques will be more effective than others. Your local technicians are trained to quickly recognize and develop a credible defense plan based on the nuisance animal and their habits

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