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Fox Information

fox near swing

Foxes are small canines, which can grow to about 2.5 feet long and 14 pounds. They vary in color, from orange to gray to silver to black. They are often referred to as resourceful, intelligent, and cunning animals, which are qualities that contribute to why they're considered a nuisance. They are solitary, territorial creatures that live out of dens (burrows, hollow trees or logs, and crevices in rocks) in forests and meadows near humanity. They live near humans to be close to consistant food, water, and shelter. They primarily eat rodents such as field mice or cottontail rabbits.

Foxes are general shy, docile creatures, but they are known to break into chicken coops and kill the birds. They can also carry diseases like rabies, tularemia, and canine distemper. Rabid foxes pose health threats to humans and other animals, while tularemia and canine distemper can be transmitted to domesticated dogs.

To get rid of a fox presence around your home, head to our Wildlife Control Businesses page. Your local animal control specialist will quickly and humanely locate and remove the foxes, and They will work to repair any damage the foxes caused.

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