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Animal Damage Repair Services

home damage

When nuisance animals have been removed from your home or business, your local wildlife control specialist will help you address the damages these animals caused to make sure that no other unwanted animals can enter your home. In some cases, squirrels have chewed their way into your attic, or maybe raccoons have broken through your siding and ripped through your woodwork and insulation. Some other examples of standard entry points are chimneys, soffits, attic fans, gable vents, ridge vents, and dormers. When your local wildlife control specialist evaluates animal damage repair projects, they will utilize the proper products and procedures to eliminate entry to your home. On top of this, your local technicians will recommend preventative methods to ensure. If your local technicians can't repair the damages, like if electrical work is needed due to chewed wires, they will offer suggestions on who to call and how to handle it.

In addition to structural repair, your local specialists will search your home for any waste the nuisance animals left behind, such as urine, feces, fur, nesting material, and food. Animal waste, if it remains undiscovered, can create a rancid smell in your home, and after time, that odor can become a biohazard. Animal waste can be disease ridden. Coming in contact with it can transmit Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Rickettsia, or even roundworm. Bird and bat feces can even grow mold, which can lead to histoplasmosis, a lung infection that can spread throughout the body. When these nuisance animals leave their scent in an attic, through waste or bodily oils, it has the potential to attract other, bigger animals. The pheromone scent of mice, rats, or other rodents can cause bigger animals to break into your home looking for a meal.

If you've found wild animals in your home, it's important to consider an inspection for damage and waste. Your local specialist's repair inspection could simply lead to the removal of waste and a decontamination spray, or in the case of heavy contamination, it could lead to a full insulation removal and replacement.

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