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Beaver Information

beaver building a dam

North America's largest rodent, the beaver, are natural engineers and landscapers. Native to the wetland ecosystems, beavers benefit the ecosystem by raising water tables, replenishing aquifers, and creating environments where many different species thrive. Beavers usually mate for life, and they raise their young, known as kits, in underwater lodges. They can reach upwards of three feet long, and grow to eighty pounds. They have small eyes, brown water-repellent fur, and a wide, flat tail for swimming. They are excellent, resourceful swimmers, and they can hold their breath for upwards of 15 minutes.

Beavers live year-round in the wooded areas near bodies of water. In order to build their home structures, they dam up streams and rivers using sticks and mud.

Beavers will not enter your home, but they may cause damage to your property due to the falling of trees. Beavers will use their long teeth to cut down trees for their homes. Tree damage caused by beavers can be readily identified by large, knife-like cuts and gashes at the base of a tree's trunk. Further, beavers can contaminate water sources with diseases or parasites like giardiasis.

To get rid of a beaver presence around your home, head to our Wildlife Control Businesses page. Your local animal control specialist will quickly and humanely locate and remove the beavers, and They will work to repair any damage the beavers caused.

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