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Squirrel Information

squirrel in home

Squirrels are very common in residential areas. They're often seen scurrying up trees or feeding on bird feeders in the yard. They can grow up to a foot or two feet long, and the average adult squirrel will weigh around 1 pound. Their normal diet consists of nuts, seeds, flowers, plants, and fungi.

The eastern gray squirrel is the most common squirrel on the Eastern United States. It's very comfortable around humans, and they generally live in peaceful cohabitation with us. However, they can be destructive. In preparation for hibernation, squirrels will dig up nuts and other food they have hidden in the ground throughout the year. This can leaves unpleasant holes in the yard. Squirrels are also garden pests, where they will trample and eat plants and fruits.

When squirrels enter homes, through openings in the house frame or through the chimney, the biggest complaint is noise. They can get into framework of the home, scratching inside the walls or the attic as they move around. Squirrels are not usually known to carry any diseases, so their presence in the home is mostly an annoyance. Nevertheless, there is a slight potential for damage. There are some cases when squirrels will chew through electrical wires, which has the potential to start a house fire.

If squirrels have become a nuisance animal in your home or yard, head to our Wildlife Control Businesses page. Your local animal control specialist will quickly and humanely locate and remove the problem squirrels, and then They will seal the entry points to your home and repair any damage the squirrels caused.

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